I designed an app called Roommate for students anywhere to find housing near or at their school. They can also search for roommates to live with that go to the same university. I started off this project by researching and interviewing several students to see what they thought they would benefit from, whether it be dorm, off-campus housing, or roommate information.
In my research I found that the current housing market is very confusing and frustrating for students. To solve this problem, I decided to create an app that would allow students to easily find somewhere to live as well as find roommates to live with, all in one place. 
Students currently have to go searching in many different places to find somewhere to live. When they have finally found somewhere to live, it is usually too expensive for the average student, making them go back to the search but this time for a roommate. By doing this, they are forced to either make a choice of finding a random roommate or getting lucky by knowing someone who also needs a roommate. Some students are also forced into other options if they are not able to find a place. For example, if a student cannot afford anywhere to live off-campus by themselves, they need to either dorm or commute from somewhere else, such as their parents'. There is also not enough help for students when they are required to move to an entirely new state where they don’t know anyone, making it even more difficult.
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