I was tasked with the choice of creating any kind of food truck for a class. I chose to create a Ramen food truck, purely because I've never seen one before and I thought it would be interesting. I call my company on wheels "Good Noodle." I created sketches and a mood board first to envision my idea and then started on the truck details. I wanted my truck to feel like a traditional ramen shop you might see on a street and I hoped viewers walking by would do a double take as they passed my truck for this reason. While trying to accomplish my goals of creating something traditional, I also wanted to keep it simple and clean looking as well. I wanted it to be very readable for anyone interested. I also accompanied my design with a apron with the logo on the front. I would have the employees of this truck wear it as they cook.
mood board
logo iterations
truck design
menu board
apron design
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