Flourish: to grow; succeed; thrive; prosper
I decided to design an app for a skin care routine because there is a big hole in the market for this. The current market has skin care quizzes to help consumers find product for specific companies. These quizzes aren’t very broad, and the options are limited to the companies that created them, for marketing purposes. I wanted to create something that doesn’t have any purchases, making it much more trustworthy to  consumers. 
I think it is very important for the app to be trustworthy because of social media these days. There have been recent examples of social media influencers sponsoring products they know nothing about. One example is that Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things now has a skincare line. The skin care line protects against blue lights from our devices such as computers and phones. The problem with this is how there is no serious research into whether blue light actually affects our skin. On the other side, the sun does significant damage to our skin so we should be protecting it by using sunscreen instead.
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